Canoe rental for the river Guden

Taking a canoe trip on the river Guden will show you nature’s true side in the company of your loved ones. A canoe holiday is a relaxing and yet active way of spending your leisure time close to nature. Everyone can participate.

Before you venture out on a canoe trip on the river Guden

Before you begin your wonderful canoe trip where you will truly experience the wonderful nature of the river Guden, you will pack your equipment and receive useful advice from Tørring Canoe Rental Service. The river of Guden is approximately 162 km from its source in Tørring to where it joins Randers inlet. Therefore, there are so many different things to see and listen to on the way. Between Tørring and Mossø, Tørring Canoe Rental Service is the company that has permission to rent out most canoes. We find honour in giving you and your family or friends the best canoe experience, the river of Guden has to offer. We are always available if you should have any questions at all.

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